Egypt’s new government to present its program to House, Monday

Egypt’s new government, headed by Prime Minster Mostafa Madbouly, is expected to present its program to the House of Representatives during the plenary session, Monday, at the Council’s headquarters in the Administrative Capital.

During the session, Madbouly will deliver a statement on the new government program that was sworn in last week.

Premier Madbouly is also scheduled to deliver the entire program of the new government to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Counselor Hanafi Gebali.

On Wednesday, the largest ever cabinet reshuffle in Egyptian history has taken place after 24 new ministers took oath.

A total of 30 ministers holding 31 ministries took the oath before President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

Only eight of the old cabinet remained in the government, two of whom had their ministries changed.

One of the new ministers was a lawmaker and another was a governor.

National and international expertise in the cabinet increased from 25% to 35%. The average age of ministers decreased from 64 years old to 56.

Ministers with military backgrounds decreased from 22 to 16.

Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli held a press conference, Thursday, after the first Cabinet meeting of the new government to highlight priorities.

Those are preserving national security, political empowerment, implementing the outcomes of the National Dialogue, human rights, enlarging the role of civil society, promoting moderate religious discourse, boosting exports, continuing economic reforms, attracting FDI and encouraging the private sector.

The prime minister further underscored that there was a focus on the localization of various industries and that work was underway to improve the distribution of subsidies.

“I consulted with dozens of economic experts to fix the subsidies system. There was consensus among them that we should shift from in-kind subsidies to monetary subsidies. Going with either type of subsidies, we need to identify clear specifications on who really needs subsidies as still some of those who receive it don’t deserve it. Also, we need to carefully consider introducing tiers of subsidies so as some beneficiaries may obtain goods subsidized by 100%, others by 70% or 50%,” PM Madbouli explained.







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