Cairo conference: Sudan political forces jointly call for ending war, establishing Sudanese state

Various Sudanese civil and political forces participating in the conference in Cairo to address the Sudanese crisis have called for an end to the war and the establishment of the Sudanese state.

In the final communique, the Sudanese forces commended the Cairo conference as a valuable opportunity by bringing together civilian actors in the political arena for the first time since the war.

They also voiced appreciation for the attendance of a spectrum of national figures and representatives from civil society.

The communique added that all these parties have agreed to work towards ending the war, which constitutes a fundamental demand of all Sudanese.

Egypt hosts Sudan conference in Cairo

They emphasized the need to avoid all the causes that led to the failure of previous transitional periods in Sudan in the post-war foundational phase, culminating in the establishment of the Sudanese state.

“The conference attendees unanimously agreed to preserve Sudan as a unified homeland based on the fundamentals of citizenship, equal rights, and a democratic federal civil state,” the communique stated.

The discussions held during the conference included the necessity of an immediate cessation of the Sudan war, including mechanisms, means, and monitoring of a permanent ceasefire, the communique noted.

The conference attendees also emphasized the importance of adhering to the Jeddah Declaration of Commitment to Protect the Civilians of Sudan.

They called for considering mechanisms for its implementation and development to keep up with the developments of the war.

Sudan conference in Cairo hosted

War attrocities

The conference attendees called upon the countries and entities directly or indirectly supporting the warring parties in Sudan to stop fueling the war.

The political forces condemned all the violations committed during the Sudan war.

They emphasized that the war, which has engulfed the country, causing the death, displacement, and humiliation of many Sudanese people, has torn apart the social fabric of the nation.

They added that the war represents not only a significant turning point but also a new chapter that obliges every Sudanese man and woman to carefully examine and review their collective positions.

“The war is a vital indicator for contemplating a comprehensive restructuring of the Sudanese state based on justice, freedom, and peace,” the communique said.

Cairo hosts Sudan conference in Cairo

“Our meeting today is directed towards a healed future and the coming generations in a homeland enveloped by peace, justice, development, freedom, and the rule of law.”

“We benefit from our experiences and the experiences of peoples around the world in overcoming war and its horrors towards comprehensive national reconciliation and transitional justice.”

Protecting humanitarians

Meanwhile, the conference attendees called for the protection of humanitarian workers and safeguarding them from danger, persecution, and hindrance by the warring parties in accordance with international humanitarian law.

“The delivery of aid is an imperative to save the lives of millions of Sudanese.”

“As the Sudanese humanitarian crisis represents the largest tragedy in the world, it is a top priority that requires action from Sudanese people, political forces, civil society, and humanitarian organizations.”

They urged the continued support of local and international efforts to attract support from donors and ensure its delivery to those in need.

The political forces appealed to the regional and international community to fulfill their commitments in this regard,

After the conference in Cairo, the forces also agreed to establish a committee to develop discussions and monitor this effort towards achieving lasting peace.

Sudan conference in Cairo attended by civil forces

Under the theme “Together to End the War,” the conference in Cairo was launched on Saturday in response to the civil war that broke out in mid-April 2023 between the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF).

According to the United Nations in April, the war in Sudan has killed almost 15,000 people and forced eight million others to flee their homes.

The war also left 25 million Sudanese people in dire need of aid amid warnings of famine, aid blockades and growing atrocities.






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