Egypt’s FM receives letter to President Sisi from Chadian counterpart

Egypt’s new Foreign Minister Badr Abdel-Aty, met with his Chadian counterpart Abderaman Koulamallah on his first visit to Egypt after assuming his duties in May 2024.


The meeting was held on the sidelines of the work of the Conference of Political Forces and the Sudanese Civil Society in Cairo’s New Administrative Capital.


During the meeting, Minister Dr. Badr Abdel-Aty received a letter addressed to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi from Chadian President Mohamed Idriss Deby.


The letter discusses ways to enhance bilateral cooperation between the two countries across various fields, according to a statement released by Egyptian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ahmed Abu Zeid.


Both ministers underscored the historical significance of the relations between the two countries.


Minister Abdel-Aty highlighted that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is actively coordinating with other national bodies to ensure the implementation of existing joint cooperation programs. These programs encompass agriculture, health, infrastructure, education, construction, and other sectors prioritized by both nations.


Ambassador Ahmed Abu Zeid further noted that during the meeting, the two ministers exchanged views on the recent developments in the political and security situation in Sudan. They particularly emphasized the impact of the crisis and its humanitarian consequences on Sudan’s neighboring countries, which host hundreds of thousands of Sudanese refugees. They also discussed the vital connection between maintaining national security and stability in Sudan.


The ministers agreed on the necessity to concentrate efforts on urging donor countries and relevant international organizations to fulfill their commitments regarding humanitarian support to Sudan.


They stressed the importance of cooperation and coordination with neighboring countries to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid across all regions of Sudan. Additionally, they emphasized the urgent need to intensify coordination efforts and work towards achieving a ceasefire agreement promptly, in order to halt the ongoing loss of life and property among the Sudanese people.


Abdel-Aty emphasized the crucial need to establish common ground among all civil movements and achieve consensus on strategies for constructing a comprehensive and enduring peace in Sudan. This should be achieved through an intra-Sudanese national dialogue, guided solely by Sudanese perspectives, he continued.


He underscored the significance of coordinating efforts among international and regional stakeholders to manage the crisis effectively. Abdel-Aty also stressed the importance of treating the ongoing conflict as an internal issue, advocating against external interference that could prolong the Sudanese conflict and impede efforts toward a political resolution.


Dr. Abdel-Aty briefed his Chadian counterpart on Egypt’s initiatives in combating terrorism and extremist ideology, particularly in response to the increasing acts of violence and terrorism across the continent. He reiterated Egypt’s commitment to supporting Chad’s efforts in combating terrorism and restoring security and stability. This support includes expanding developmental and security assistance channels, enhancing counterterrorism capabilities through training programs offered by the Egyptian Agency for Partnership for Development, the Cairo International Center for Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding (CCCPA), and the Sahel and Desert Center for Combating Terrorism.


Dr. Abdel-Aty also highlighted the significant roles played by Al-Azhar Al-Sharif and the Egyptian Fatwa House in dispelling misconceptions propagated by terrorist groups.


The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Chad reiterated his country’s leadership commitment to advancing and strengthening relations with Egypt across all domains, both bilaterally and regionally, to serve the interests of both nations and their peoples.


He expressed satisfaction with his participation in the conference of Sudanese political and civil forces convened by the Chadian President, commending Egypt’s efforts in addressing the Sudanese crisis. The Minister also expressed eagerness to receive Egypt’s support and leverage its expertise in establishing a Diplomatic Institute in Chad. He emphasized the importance of enhancing economic and trade exchanges, harnessing the available opportunities and resources in both countries, and exchanging knowledge in training and capacity-building across various sectors.






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