Egyptian Interior Minister issues decree to deport 4 Syrians

The Egyptian gazette published Monday a decree issued by the minister of interior to deport four Syrian nationals in accordance with residency law no. 89/1960 and two reports prepared by the Department of Passports, Migration and Citizenship.


Those are Ayman Mohamed Al Zubaidy and Mohamed Aqil Gork Hagy (both born in 1982), Emad Ahmed Qattan (born in 1973), and Mohamed Yaman Mohamed Kanan Qatergy (born in 1983). The stated reasons are “for the public good.”


The Municipal Authority of Giza announced shutting down Thursday six unlicensed Sudanese schools in Shabramant and arresting their directors for interrogation. In the same context, the Cabinet has set June 30, 2024 as the deadline for illegal migrants to apply on residence in Egypt or face legal action.







Egypt Today