Last batch of Wabtec train engines arrives in Egypt’s Port of Alexandria

The Ministry of Transport announced Monday that the last batch of a train-engine deal with Wabtec had arrived to the Port of Alexandria, and that it consisted of 20 units.


The deal – signed in 2021 – included the purchase of 100 ES30ACi Evolution Series Locomotives and a multi-year service agreement to maintain the fleet. Each unit is equipped with 12-cylinder, 3,300 horsepower Evolution Series engine, AC traction technology, individual axle control, and dynamic brakes, according to Wabtec’s website.


The ministry planned to introduce 260 new train engines. That is why it had purchased from General Electric 110 trains engines at a cost of $602.05 million. They were all delivered by the end of 2021, and entered service.


The contract with General Electric also consisted of the rehabilitation of 81 others of the current fleet at Tebin Workshop in Cairo, as well as the supply of spare parts and maintenance of 181 engines over 15 years at a cost of $575 million. That is in addition to offering technical support embodied in training 30 engineers and 245 technicians.








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