Family iftar: President Sisi vows to continue economic, political reform measures

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi has vowed to continue economic reform measures and enhance the ongoing state of political openness as he addressed the public during a family iftar banquet on Saturday.

The iftar is held only a few days after President Sisi was sworn in for a third presidential term. He pledged to provide a decent life for its people and safeguard national security.

In his speech today, President Sisi stated that the state’s economic reform measures will focus on industry localization and expanding agricultural areas.

These measures will also include boosting direct foreign investments and supporting the private sector.

Sisi in Family Iftar banquet

Meanwhile, Sisi affirmed his continued commitment to providing social protection measures for vulnerable segments of society.

Sisi pledged his support for the state of political openness and the reform process that began with his launch of the National Dialogue in April 2022.

The president emphasized his endorsement of the initial outcomes of the National Dialogue, directing the government and state institutions to support them.

He also affirmed his ongoing support for empowering youth and women in political, economic, and social spheres.

The president vowed to prioritize the provision of a decent quality of life for people including by ensuring a conducive educational environment, delivering adequate healthcare services, and providing decent housing.

The state will continue implementing strategic balance policies regarding regional and global issues, based on clear national determinants and considerations of Egyptian national security dimensions, Sisi said.

He reaffirmed the state’s commitment to work towards comprehensive peace based on justice, supporting national institutions of other states, and respecting the will of the people.

Advancing the nation

During his speech, Sisi emphasized the state’s determination to be at the forefront of nations while disregarding attempts to distort facts.

He highlighted the Egyptian people’s unwavering will over the years to build a democratic state, making sacrifices for the cause of peace and development.

“Despite the tremendous challenges we have faced over the past decade, the will of the Egyptian people has prevailed above all else,” said Sisi.

“Their legitimate aspirations and dreams have been realized in the construction of a democratic state based on knowledge, hard work, and the pursuit of peace and development.”

Sisi in Iftar banquet

President Sisi commended the Egyptian people for their resilience, including the women who have endured hardships and the loss of fathers, brothers, husbands, or sons in the pursuit of nation’s security.

He paid tribute to all societal segments, including Egyptian Armed Forces, police, teachers, scholars, workers, intellectuals, and media professionals for their heroic roles.

“I pledge to Allah that I will continue to strive for the elevation and pride of Egypt, provide a decent life for its people, and safeguard its national security, independence, regional leadership, and international role,” emphasized Sisi.