Egyptians protesting in support of Palestinians

Egyptian residents of Sharqiya Governorate, from various villages and centers, gathered outside the governorate office, to denounce the Israeli massacres committed in the Gaza Strip.


The protesting people carried the Egyptian and Palestinian flags in support of Egypt’s stance and decisions regarding the Palestinian issue, demanding an end to the brutal Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip.


Another massive demonstration was staged by Egyptians in Ismailia, one of Egypt’s Suez Canal governorates, in support of Egypt’s President Sisi towards the Palestinian issue.


The demonstrators chanted anti-Israeli slogans like “Netanyahu is a war criminal,” and “With our soul and blood we redeem you, O Palestine.”


The demonstrators also called on the international community to intervene immediately to stop the brutal attack on the Palestinian people.


The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement confirming Egypt’s official intervention to support South Africa’s genocide case against Israel before the ICJ.


The statement emphasizes that Egypt’s intervention comes in response to the escalating severity and scale of Israeli assaults on Palestinians in Gaza.


The ministry’s statement highlights Israel’s systematic practices against Palestinians in Gaza, including deliberate targeting of civilians, destruction of infrastructure, and forcing Palestinians to leave their land.


These actions by Israel “have led to an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, creating unlivable conditions in the Gaza Strip, blatantly violating international law, international humanitarian law, and the Fourth Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War,” according to the ministry.


Egypt calls on Israel, as the occupying force, to comply with the provisional measures issued by the ICJ. These measures call for ensuring adequate aid delivery and refraining from any violations against Palestinians by Israeli forces.









Egypt Today