Board of Trustees of Egypt’s National Dialogue convenes to discuss several key issues

The Board of Trustees of the National Dialogue convened a meeting to address several key matters.


These include reviewing the government’s progress in implementing the outcomes from the initial phase of the dialogue.


Additionally, the meeting aims to establish guidelines and a framework for the committee formed by the Board of Trustees to oversee this implementation in collaboration with the government. The objective is to ensure swift and effective execution of these outcomes.


Dhia Rashwan, the General Coordinator of the National Dialogue, has announced that, in light of the prevailing circumstances in our nation, the Board of Trustees of the Dialogue has opted to convene and sustain its ongoing activities. He further elaborated that the agenda for the forthcoming meeting will encompass:


First, in response to President Abdel-Fattah El Sisi’s directive during the recent Egyptian family breakfast, the national dialogue will incorporate discussions on national security and foreign policy. This inclusion is imperative given the challenging circumstances resulting from the recent Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip. The aim is to formulate proposals that reinforce Egypt’s steadfast stance in confronting these challenges, safeguarding its national security and territorial sovereignty, and unequivocally supporting the Palestinian cause while opposing any attempts aimed at its dissolution.


Second, there will be an in-depth review of the government’s progress in implementing the outcomes of the first phase of the dialogue. Furthermore, measures and a structured mechanism will be established for the committee stemming from the Board of Trustees to monitor this implementation in coordination with the government. This approach aims to ensure prompt and effective realization of these outcomes.


Third, there will be an assessment and monitoring of the dialogue committees and topics that have yet to be fully addressed or remain partially discussed. Subsequently, a suitable timetable will be proposed for addressing these matters comprehensively.


Fourth, any new subjects or initiatives that members of the Board deem necessary for discussion will be considered and added to the agenda.





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