Asyad Group commences operations at Asyad Container Terminal at Duqm Port

Asyad Group, the integrated global logistics group of the Sultanate of Oman, has started operations at Asyad Container Terminal – Duqm, which will be managed and operated by the group’s ports and terminals arm, Asyad Ports.

The latest addition to Asyad’s asset lineup follows the Omani logistics giant’s robust expansion plans that aim to offer more integrated logistics solutions, anticipate and proactively respond to new trends in global trade and handling, and meet the requirements of the world’s biggest players in the container business.

Asyad Container Terminal is also set to promote the Port of Duqm and the Special Economic Zone at Duqm as a global container handling destination and a center for integrated logistics.

This expansion is in line with Asyad’s established strategy to increase the competitiveness of its services and the throughput of its ports.

Highlighting the role of the new terminal in Oman’s drive to economic diversification, Eng. Ahmed Ali Akaak, Acting CEO of the Special Economic Zone at Duqm, stated that this venture will unlock great investment opportunities by connecting the Special Economic Zone at Duqm with global shipping lines, capitalizing on the direct access to key global markets and Duqm’s strategic location at the crossroads of major international shipping lanes.

In terms of technical capabilities, Asyad Container Terminal is equipped with four remotely operated 65-ton twin lift STS cranes and twelve 50-ton RTG cranes. In addition to their 71-meter outreach and 18-meter back reach, the cranes have been fitted with a host of fifth-gen technologies, optic fiber data transfer systems for remote operation, and smart driving systems.

Additionally, the terminal boasts a cutting-edge yard control system and an automatic landing system, all designed to improve overall handling and productivity. The terminal also consists of three berths capable of berthing and handling three ships at a time, with a quay length of over 1,000 meters, a storage capacity of 26,000 TEU, and over 600 reefer containers.

Dr. Ahmed Mohammed al Abri, CEO of Asyad Ports, explained that, “Operating Asyad Container Terminal is a significant milestone in our journey to develop and expand our portfolio and commercial operations. It clearly signals the level of efficiency of Asyad Ports’ solutions as well as the strong confidence afforded to us by our global customers. Over the past two years, Asyad Ports has proven its ability to manage and operate several terminals for general cargo, bulk, and Ro-Ro.”

“The state-of-the-art terminal will leverage its location at the 18-meter deep Duqm Port to accommodate vessels of all sizes and offer loading, unloading, and transshipment services, container packing and unloading, and other added value services,” Dr. Al Abri added.