72 trucks carrying humanitarian aid, fuel enter Gaza through Egypt’s Rafah Border Crossing

The Egyptian Red Crescent announced Tuesday the entry of 72 trucks carrying humanitarian aid and fuel to Gaza Strip through Rafah Border Crossing.


The entity contributed by a truck of gasoline; three trucks of diesel; four trucks of cooking gas; truck of medical aid; 10 trucks of food; two trucks of tents; three trucks of mattresses; four trucks of coverlets; four trucks of flour; and truck of toys.


Charity associations also donated 16 trucks of chicken; two trucks of noodles; truck of dishes; truck of cooking oil; truck of apple; and truck of orange.


Further, 17 trucks delivered medical aid provided by the United Arab Emirates to fulfill the needs of the Emirati field hospital in Gaza Strip. It is noted that Arish International Airport has received – since the outbreak of the crisis – 185 Emirati jets carrying a total of 16,233 tons of aid. The country also sent two aid ships, and a floating hospital docked at Arish Port.


Moreover, a source in North Sinai revealed that Arish International Airport had received four jets. Two came from the United Arab Emirates as one carried 33 tons of food and medical supplies as well as 36 diesel barrels, while the other carried 47.5 tons of medical aid.


The third and fourth jets brought 10 tons and 45.5 tons of aid donated by Germany and the WHO, respectively. As such, 558 jets carrying a total of more than 15,000 tons of aid landed in the airport.






Egypt Today