Saudi Foreign Minister calls for G20 action on Gaza


Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan has urged G20 countries to exert pressure for meaningful actions to end the war in Gaza and support a credible, irreversible path towards a two-state solution.

The Saudi minister participated in the first session of the G20 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, under the theme “The G20’s Role in Addressing Ongoing International Tensions.”

Prince Faisal congratulated Brazilian Foreign Minister Mauro Vieira on Brazil’s assumption of the G20 presidency for 2024. In his speech, the minister stated that the escalation and spread of global conflicts have put pressure on international cooperation and weakened the credibility and trust in the multilateral framework.

He emphasized the importance of international institutions fulfilling their commitments at the global level and being clearer in their positions, especially in addressing the tragic situation in Gaza.

Prince Faisal highlighted that G20 countries bear the responsibility to take decisive action to end the catastrophe in Gaza, which poses urgent threats to regional peace, prosperity, and global economic stability.

He stressed the importance of condemning the atrocities committed in Gaza.







Saudi Gazette