Jeeny’s grand reveal: Revamped, refreshed, and still the most affordable

Jeeny, the epitome of affordable and reliable ride-hailing, is proud to unveil its spectacular brand elevation, marking a significant milestone in the journey to redefine the ride-hailing experience in Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

Determined to fulfill the dynamic needs of its users, Jeeny ventured on a mission of transformation, pursuing intensive market research to better understand its community’s true goals. Empowered with vital data, the outcome was a profound brand refresh that includes a new logo and an icon that radiate lively energy and modern agility.

The focal point of Jeeny’s revamp is the redesigned icon and logo, which feature two “Js” to represent the close connection between their partners and users. This demonstrates Jeeny’s dedication to promoting collaboration, attentiveness, and growth in the towns and cities that they operate in.

Not stopping there, Jeeny’s color palette has evolved substantially, preserving the trademark magenta and purple tones while presenting a blast of youthful energy in the form of shade variations. Turquoise stands for expansion, and lime green adds vibrancy, freshness, and inventiveness to the mixture.

Jeeny’s grand metamorphosis is summed up in the ringing slogan, ‘Revamped, refreshed, and still the most affordable’. This rebranding is more than just a decorative update; it’s a lively celebration of Jeeny’s devotion to its core values.

At the heart of our transformation lies an unyielding commitment to affordability for our users and providing a reliable income source for our partners, ensuring that as we evolve, our users and partners continue to experience not just change, but positive and accessible progress.

Amanda Yasmineh, Senior Vice President of Brand and Marketing at Jeeny, spearheaded the brand uplift, expressing her excitement for this breakthrough moment in Jeeny’s journey: ”

Fueling the heart of Jeeny’s journey is our unwavering commitment to placing users at the core of every innovation. As we elevate our brand, we embrace the profound value of understanding, anticipating, and exceeding the needs of those who make Jeeny their own.”

“As we embark on this thrilling new journey, we extend a heartfelt invitation to all of you to join us. Our vision in this next phase is to ensure moving people and anything you need becomes effortless, convenient and most importantly, affordable. This transformative step brings us closer to the realization of our visionary dream. Together, let’s redefine the future of mobility and create a seamless tapestry of experiences for every individual,” concluded Hammad Ehtesham, Jeeny’s CEO .







Saudi Gazette