FM displays to U.S. delegation Egypt’s role in maintaining regional security

Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shokry received Wednesday a delegation from the U.S. House Homeland Security Committee headed by Representative August Pfluger.


Minister Shokry highlighted Egypt’s efforts in the past years to establish security and stability in the region that faced terrorism, threats to the concept of nation state, prevalence of armed conflicts as well as economic and developmental challenges.


The minister also displayed Egypt’s vision and comprehensive strategy on combating terrorism, taking into consideration security, economic, social, cultural, educational, and developmental aspects with the aim of eradicating the phenomenon, restricting the propagation of extreme thought, and developing religious discourse.


The meeting tackled the Gaza War so as the Egyptian minister stressed the importance of an immediate ceasefire, and sustainable and sufficient delivery of aid. He also expressed Egypt’s aspiration that the United States would resume funding to the UNRWA which serves Palestinian refugees in Gaza Strip, West Bank, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon.


Minister Shokry equally underlined Egypt’s rejection to any Israeli military operation in Palestinian Rafah as that would incur a humanitarian disaster among over 1.4 million internally displaced Palestinians.


The U.S. delegation valued the Egyptian regional role, and expressed support to the Egyptian endeavors targeting to attain a permanent ceasefire deal in Gaza. The delegation members also noted that the main goal of the visit is consolidating bilateral ties and eliminating any impediments hindering their growth.








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