Egypt suggests setting up rescue units on borders of Sudan enduring civil war

Deputy Foreign Minister for African Affairs Hamdy Loza participated in the International Humanitarian Conference for Sudan and Neighboring Countries held in Paris on April 14-15.

In his speech, Ambassador Loza presented Egypt’s vision on putting an end to the civil war that began a year ago. It consists of the integration of mediation initiatives; pushing for a ceasefire; guaranteeing the sovereignty and unity of Sudan; preserving state institutions; enabling civil movements to agree on a political process; and concerting efforts to inhibit military support to warring parties.

The diplomat also demanded donors to fulfill the pledges they made in Geneva last year. In a related context, he proposed setting up rescue units on the Sudanese borders in order to facilitate the entry of medics to Sudanese hospitals during crises as well as the supply of medical devices and medicines. That is in addition to operating mobile clinics nationwide.

On the sidelines, the deputy minister held meetings with other diplomats and representatives of international organizations to exchange views on dealing with the crisis in Sudan.








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