Egypt denies Israeli reports alleging phone conversation between head of Intelligence, Shin Bet over Rafah crossing crisis

Egyptian sovereign officials refute media reports alleging telephone discussions regarding the crisis of the Rafah border crossing between the Egyptian intelligence chief and the head of the Israeli Shin Bet.


The officials emphasized that Egypt’s stance is clear as it was announced to all parties. They dismissed these reports as groundless.


Israeli Walla news website claimed that the chief of the Israeli Shin Bet made a phone call with head of the Egyptian Intelligence Services Abbas Kamal to speak about finding a solution to the crisis of Rafah border crossing.


Egypt has warned against the escalation of the ongoing Israeli military ground offensive in the Palestinian City of Rafah, especially after Israeli troops controlled over the Palestine side of the Rafah border crossing.


Over a phone call made on Monday, Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry and his US counterpart Antony Blinken discussed the ongoing Israeli military offensive in the Palestinian city of Rafah and consequences of Israeli control over the Palestinian side to the Rafah border crossing with Egypt and prevention of humanitarian aid entry.


Shoukry re-warned against the dire consequences of closing the Rafah crossing and continuing the Israeli wide-range attacks.


The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement confirming Egypt’s official intervention to support South Africa’s genocide case against Israel before the ICJ.


The statement emphasizes that Egypt’s intervention comes in response to the escalating severity and scale of Israeli assaults on Palestinians in Gaza.







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